My account

Here at Glyn Hopkin Nismo, our aim is to help make buying a used car as quick and easy as possible, which is why our buy online feature makes things simple. Part of this process is to enable you to create your own account page on our website, which can be accessed from any smart device whether at home, in the showroom, or out on the go. It’s quick and easy too.


By creating your own account, you will be able to have one place where all key details pertaining to buying a vehicle are stored. It will prove time saving and convenient, and help you access key information to continue your purchase.

  • Save and compare quotes on selected vehicles without starting over
  • Store details of any models you wish to part exchange
  • Save details of any vehicle orders
  • Start and store finance applications to continue at a later time
  • Access all information from any device, both at home and on the go

Buying online

The buying online process with Glyn Hopkin Nismo is quick and easy, particularly when combined with creation of your own account. You’ll be able to browse our listings and reserve the vehicle that best suits you all from the comfort of home.